How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Web Presence

How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Web Presence

Choosing a suitable domain name is very important for you when starting a business online, as the domain name is your identity on the web, and the first thing people see and remember of the website. Therefore, a right domain name is critical to managing the online business visibility and increasing the traffic effectively.

Therefore, choosing a domain name is not only taking a name of your business online, but also an important step on promoting the website later. In order to help people gain the solution to the above problem, our editors have collected the following steps for you to refer.

Tip 1: Keep Your Domain and Website Name as the Same

Remember that you domain name should be your website name. This is because when people think about your website, the first thing that flashes on their mind will be your site name, thus if this name is also your URL, they will automatically know where to go. For instance, when people think of, they only need to type this site name into the browser, without the need to search for the web address.

In fact, this practice is especially important if you hold your site as an e-commerce one. Generally, you name your online stores with the company name, brand name, or the type of the main products, so you need to choose your domain accordingly, which can effectively reflect your business.

Tip 2: Focus on the Domain Name with .com Extension

 Tips to Pick Up the Best Domain NameIt is worth trying to grab a .com domain name when you set up a new site, after all, the .com is the mostly used TLD, and is preferred by both visitors and search engines. Also, we highly recommend you redirecting other domains with different extensions to your main domain name that ends in .com.

For instance, if you have purchased the domain name like, then you’d better register,,, etc, and redirect them to domain. The biggest advantage of this practice is that you can avoid loss caused by people who purchase a domain name which is different from yours only in the extensions, thus eliminate the potential possibility of traffic stealing and losing. Note that many web hosts offer unlimited parked domain service for free.

Tip 3: Keep Your Domain Short but Not Obscure

It is far better to select a domain name which is short in length, because it makes easy for people to type and remember. Conversely, if your domain is long with a series of unrelated letters like, how can people recall it and type it into the address bar? Besides, from the online marketing point of view, the shorter your domain name is, the more likely people will be to introduce your site to their friends.

However, keeping the domain short doesn’t mean that you have to name your domain like when your original choice is In some cases, you need to expand your domain with some specific words, which can clearly explain your site, and in the meanwhile, make people feel easy to remember and type correctly.

Tip 4: Make Your Domain Name Be Unique

make Your Domain Name Be UniqueA unique domain name can be remembered easily. As a matter of fact, many single-word domains are not available, and you had better create a special word. Here are the suggestions: trying to compound two simple words (Facebook), to use a phrase, to blend some parts of two words, to tweak a word, to affix a word with a suffix or prefix, or to create a unique name that is creative and can be easily used as a brand name.

Tip 5: Keep Your Domain Name Simple

Keep away from some complex spellings and pronouncing because they are hard to remember. It is one thing to come up with a great characteristic name that is not difficult to remember. Another point you need to pay attention is to avoid hyphens. This is because when there is a hyphen in one domain name, people are very likely to forget where the hyphen should go, or even totally forget that this domain is separated by a hyphen.

What’s more, a hyphenated domain name might make readers confused with some similar domains. For example, if people want to type your domain, which is bluehost-hosting-review, but type in bluehosthostingreview instead, that might take advantages to your competitors, not to you.

Tip 6: Make Your Domain Rich in Keyword

Choose a domain name that is full of keywords that are related to the website. That is because when people think about your website, the first thing that comes to their mind is your website name. For example, if the website is something about cars, the site name might be or which must contain with the word “car”. Besides, including the keywords that people usually enter when searching for the products or services can help to improve your ranking in search engines (which increases traffic) and just makes more sense to the customers.

Tip 7: Make Your Domain Name Easily Understood

Make Your Domain Name Easily UnderstoodWhen readers look at or hear your domain name at the very beginning, this domain name should be easily understood which clearly tells what the website is about. Thus, it is very important for you to choose a domain that is easy-to-understand and can be used as a brand as well. The goal is to make the domain name to be passed on easily and to be memorable. This is more likely to happen if people don’t have to stop and think about how to say or spell it.

Tip 8: Choose A Trust-worth Domain Registrar

There are many bad stories that some small domain registrars suck for their customers’ domain names. Typically, many registrars prevent their customers moving away by locking the domain name. In the worst case, some SCAM registrars directly take the domain name to be their own if you’re closed to be successful. So, you shall register a domain name with a trust-worth provider. Frankly, all of our domain names are registered with them.