Why is domain privacy protection important?

Is Domain Privacy Worth Buying?

Many webmasters, especially beginners, are confused whether to purchase the Domain privacy service during the domain registration process. To be frank, this is a trade-off that is totally depending on your real situation.

In the following, we’d like to present the benefits of this service in detail, with which you can have a better understanding about it and whether it is worth purchasing or not.

The Benefits

In fact, whenever you purchase a new domain name, your personal information is typically collected by your domain registrar into a public WHOIS database that can be viewed and used by people on the web. This means anyone who has the ability to access the internet can get your real name, phone number, e-mail address, and geographical location.

To be frank, as online fraud has become more and more severe, exposing your personal information to the potential spammers, identity thieves or swindlers are dangerous. Besides, if your phone number and e-mail are open to telemarketers and other undesired third parties, you may feel busy to get rid of garbage information all the days.

benefitsIn this circumstance, the Domain Privacy is absolutely worth investing.

  • This service makes the registrar’s information public instead of yours, so you can retain your domain without worrying about potential vulnerabilities online and any solicitation from unwanted companies.
  • Besides, any requests to view your real information that is masked with generic information are filtered and forwarded to you, so you can decide whether to respond or not.

The Rumors

Without doubt, this server is very useful to protect you away from some potential hazards and unwanted bothering. However, we have found that many people still overlook it due to some rumors available online.

domain transfer

  • Negative for SEO
    This is absolutely not true. Domain Pricy only masks your registration information to increase the level of security, causing no change to any other things on your domain or website. If you find your site cannot rank highly in the search engine result, you’d better check your domain name and content to figure out whether they are SEO friendly or not.
  • Block Domain Transfer
    It is true that Domain Privacy brings some troubles when you want to transfer your domain name with some other web hosts. After all, this process needs a personal authorization via email. But as you e-mail address is hidden by the service, the confirming information may not be able to reach your e-mail box correctly.

    However, this inconvenience is not permanent. If you are in the event of a necessary transfer, you only need to disable this service via the domain manager, then every trouble will be gone at once.

  • Costly
    Honestly speaking, it requires you to spend extra money apart from the expense for your hosting service. However, the price is very budget-friendly that is on a yearly basis. According to our research and investigation, the average rate of this service is $9.95 each year, which is absolutely affordable for the majority of website owners worldwide.

Best Domain Privacy Web Hosts

In fact, almost every web host in the industry offers this service, but not all of them are able to guarantee a quality hosting solution. In this circumstance, our experienced editors have listed the top 3 Domain Privacy hosting providers after reviewing more than 150 companies carefully. Note that the 3 hosts are award-winning and trustworthy enough to offer the best service with rich features, fast speed, no downtime, and unmatched support at an affordable price.