How to Put Ads on Your Site Properly to Earn Profit Online?

How to Put Ads on Your Site Properly to Earn Profit Online?

No matter what your website is related to, putting ads on your site is one of the best ways to make money, which is also recognized as one of the best methods to make money from blog. Through this method, each time someone clicks the ads on your site, you are able to earn a certain amount of money. As we know, there are many webmasters making enough money by using this method and quit their full time job.

However, if you put ads improperly on your site, you may make your site unprofessional and unreliable. Many visitors may leave your site due to the ads on your site and never come back again, which will cause a lot of loss. In below, we have listed several tips to teach you how to put ads on your site properly to attract people and make them willing to visit your site frequently. Now, move on to learn the details.

Use Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an Internet advertising service offered by Google, which is mainly designed for webmasters and recognized one of the fastest methods to make money. Putting ads using this service, you first need to tell them the space and the size you plan to fill, then they will choose the eligible ads to your site from their clients who are using Google AdWords. The ads they select are completely suitable for your site.

Once they have selected the ads for your site, you can start to put the ads on your site to earn money. How much money you can make is based on the numbers of clicks on the ads on your site but not the number of page views. Nobody knows how much you can earn for each click, but you need to know that the more clicks on your ads, the more you can get. Never think about clicking the ads yourself, because you will be banned from AdSense once Google suspects you of self-clicking. As for how much Google takes from the profits you have made, nobody knows.

Use Project Wonderful

put ads on your site using Project WonderfulProject Wonderful is a service created by Ryan North, which allows people who plan to promote their services and products via blogs and websites to make a bid to get your ad space for a per day amount. However, which ads you should choose to put on your site is according to what type of site you are running. If your site is mainly about children, we suggest you choose from the ads related to children because inappropriate ads may make your site less trustworthy.

Another thing you need to do is decide the quantity and size of ads. We recommend you put 1 large ad and several small ones. The large one is for those people who would like to bid directly on your site and the smaller ones are for those who are used to advertising using buttons.

Focus on Design & Placement

Although you are allowed to design each ad according to your preference and put it anywhere you like, we suggest you focus on its design and placement, making it an integral part of your site. In this way, your site won’t look strange and unreliable. Therefore, you must ensure the style of the ad and that of your site match perfectly. One way to guarantee this is to design an ad with the same or similar color schemes with the colors you have utilized for your site background.

According to our experience and many experienced designers’ suggestions, the best locations for ads are the header and the footer of homepage. Besides, the sidebar area is a good location to place ads. If you put ads at these locations, you can attract people to click the ads and make your site professional and reliable.

Limit the Quantity of Ads

Although the more ads you put on your site, the more money you may earn in a certain period, we still don’t recommend you put too many ads on your site. Note that putting too many ads on your site may make your site look terrible and less trustworthy, which will lead many visitors leave your site without any hesitation, because they think there is nothing but the ads. If you are running a small blog, you should put no more than 3 ads on it. However, if you plan to put ads on your big site, the number of ads should be smaller than 6.