How to Get Google SiteLinks to Your Blog or Business Website?

How to Get Google SiteLinks to Your Blog or Business Website?

If your site gets more organic traffic, you can make a lot of profits for your site as you get more readers in the long run. Without organic traffic, a website cannot sell much as fewer people are reached.

There are lots of strategies that you can apply to up organic traffic, among which the use of Google SiteLinks is the best way to get traffic to your site. Due to this, we have come out a tutorial to help you learn more about this method and know how to get Google SiteLinks for your blogs or business sites.

Introduction to Google SiteLinks

Google SiteLinks are automatic links that are chosen by Google Algorithm and are shown at the bottom of a website in Google search results. Simply put, these are the links below some of the Google search results, assisting the searchers to get more information about a website before they visit it.

The algorithm chooses which links to show in the search result page, and the site owners have no much control over the links that Google displays as SiteLinks.

However, webmasters can choose the links not to be seen as SiteLinks, that is, block some links through Google Webmaster Tools.

Google SiteLinks

Benefits of Google SiteLinks

SiteLinks are offered for sites that are popular in their niche and that have set backlinks well on Google. Therefore, the display of it can give the website owners a higher authority on Google.

SiteLinks allow a deeper crawl on the website and gives more visitors in the long run. Overall brand awareness can also be improved as more pages on your website are displayed to those who search online.

Tips to Get Google SiteLinks

Have Great Keywords

Keywords come handy when you want to have Google SiteLinks. Ensure that you have the right keywords for your content including the titles. You can use Google Keyword Planner to check the keywords that fit for your content and know what people are looking for in Google. Correct use of keywords is important, so do not overuse the keywords.

Add URL to Google Index

This is done after optimizing your site for given keywords. Open Google Webmaster Tools and submit your site URL. Google will review your request, and you may appear on Google Index. This ups the chances of having Google SiteLinks on search results.

Submit to Index

Get SEO Details of Your Site

To improve your site and get SiteLinks, you need to understand your site. You can get SEO details and other information about your site on Google Webmasters. Here, you can also connect with your visitors and get crawling details that you need with Google Analytics.

Remove HTML Errors

W3CHaving your site clean and without errors is one of the factors that Google is alleged to use for giving SiteLinks to websites. To this end, you should remove all HTML error tags and all wrong codes from your site. To do this, you can use W3C HTML Validation service which will rectify the errors and codes.

Stay Avoid of Broken Links

Broken links can be a big blow to your site traffic. You can remove broken links from your site by using some broken link checkers or Google Webmaster Tool. Removing broken links can heighten the chances of having Google SiteLinks for your site.

Increase the Number of Articles

It is almost impossible to have Google SiteLinks for your site if you have a few or no content to offer. Ensure that your site has 3 or more pages, and you have published more than 100 posts. This gives you an upper hand when it comes to Google SiteLinks.

Internal Links and Backlinks

Internal linking is important for your blog as it keeps your readers on the blog for long and ensures they navigate your site widely. Having a high number of backlinks to your site also gets your site in a good position to get SiteLinks.

Quality Content

Your blog must be popular online in its niche to get SiteLinks fast. When your blog is popular, the number of clicks will increase, upping your site traffic and eliciting the SiteLinks that add traffic more.

Quality content comes handy when you need to up blog popularity. The bloggers should ensure that they update their blogs with well-written words, make their posts easy to read and include high definition images for better content layout. Some people do not consider their content while thinking of getting Google SiteLinks. This costs them a big deal.