How to Find Good Guest Blogging Opportunities for Your Business

How to Find Good Guest Blogging Opportunities for Your Business

Since content marketing becomes a new trend to expand business, webmasters turn to make more customers know their sites by means of words. Guest blogging is one of the best methods going with this trend, which allows you to publish a post on the places that accept guest blog and earn links to your brand. Admittedly, guest blogging makes a big difference to your blog traffic and popularity.

Maybe now, you have taken considerable interest in guest blogging and wish to get the knack of finding good opportunities to guest blog. To hit that spot, we introduce some useful tips in this article.

Set Clear Objectives

Before everything, you have to get an idea why you need guest blogging and the topic you are going to get down to. For instance, if you are running a hosting resource site, like PHPMatters, the best suitable topic for you is something related to web hosting, such as how to create website, how to choose web host, how to rank higher in search engines, etc. With the specific aim, it is much easier to target a guest blogging site with the same goal.

Search Goal via Communities

There are multiple communities available for guest bloggers to exchange experience and seek for new opportunities, such as MyBlogGuest, BlogDash, Guestr, and so on. Among those options, MyBlogGuest is regarded as the most popular one in this field. Once signing up an account, you are allowed to search for a right place for guest blogging from a list of websites in terms of health & beauty, food, SEO, lifestyle, and so on so forth. It is a fast and efficient way to target a guest blogging site.

search guest blogging opportunities via community

Cooperate with Influential Bloggers

As a matter of experience, you may have an impression of some blogs always ranking on the front of search result page. Those blogs should be your goal. Try to connect with the blogger via email and send your request for cooperation. In most cases, the bloggers ask you to send some examples to show your writing skill and check whether the topic is related to their site content. You just need to comply with the requirements and then wait for good news.

Besides, link exchange is also a feasible method to acquire guest blogging opportunity. That is to say, when publishing a guest post on other sites and including a link to your site, you should allow the owner to do the same thing. Although this method is more likely to be successful, it should be used with caution. Google hates the site abusing link exchange and enforce penalties to this manner.

Make a Wide Range of Search on Google

search guest blogging opportunities on GoogleGoogle is a great method to help you seek out whatever you want. Tap the keywords related to guest blogging into the search bar, like “where to guest blog”, “content marketing”, “advanced guest blogging”, and something more. If to do so, thousands of results come to you. Choose the top results and dig out valuable information from the selected pages.

Besides, you can also refer to some recommendations made by experienced guest bloggers. Use the keywords like “best guest blogging” to achieve that goal. In this way, numerous ranking lists appear on the result pages, which should be a good reference for you.

Turn to Social Media

Since an increasing number of bloggers tend to promote their blogs with some popular social media, like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and so on, they always share something new on those platforms. Thus, you can keep an eye on the newly released information to check whether there is some blog sharing. In general, a prudent blogger keeps sharing new posts on social networking platform regularly.

If someone fits in exactly with your wishes, you should make an active communication with the owner by leaving a comment or enter the profile page to find if there is some contact information. And then, tell your cooperative willingness to the blogger and ask whether he accepts guest blogging.


A worth-trusted guest blogging site should look professional and abandon all Black Hat SEO techniques. Thus, you’d better avoid the websites with bad design and a large amount of duplicated content, for they are more likely to be punished by Google and cannot take any advantages for you.