5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins 2020 to Improve Your Site

Top Recommended WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Site

Many WordPress users are looking for the tips on how to use WordPress plugins to improve their sites after finding a reliable WordPress hosting plan and the tips to optimize a WordPress site. Recently, a large number of our readers also have written to us, asking the methods to use WordPress plugins to make their sites better.

To get the useful and easy methods to use WordPress plugins, we have asked many successful WordPress site owners for advice and searched a lot on the web. As a result, we found several methods to use plugins to improve many aspects of a WordPress site.

Using WordPress Cache Plugin to Improve Site Speed

No matter what the topic of your WordPress site is, speed is one of the most important aspects. You need to know the slower your site is, the fewer visitors would like to stay with it and return. Therefore, you need to use the best WordPress hosting to host your site and find some useful tips to speed up your site.

Besides method listed above, using the best WordPress cache plugins is an easy way to improve site speed. Remember to choose the items providing the possibilities to get faster loading speed with the least requirements to configure. Moreover, choose cache plugins that are highly compatible with various hosting service can save you many problems.

Using WordPress Backup and Security Plugins to Enhance Security

use WordPress security pluginsSecurity is a vital aspect of a WordPress site. Besides working with a web host offering secure WordPress hosting, you are able to ensure the security of your site using SSL and SSH. In addition, you are able to search some effective methods to back up your WordPress site and improve security of your WordPress site. If you were using a shared hosting plan to host your WordPress site, you would better to look for some tips to protect it in a shared host.

In addition to using the methods we mentioned above, you are able to enhance the security of your site using some trustworthy WordPress backup plugins and security plugins to safeguard your site automatically and keep your site from any damage.

Using WordPress SEO Plugins to Get Better SEO

Only make posts of a site come at the top of the search results, this site can become popular. Besides, only in this way, you can promote your business to more people. However, it is not easy to help your site get better SEO.

In April, we have worked out a comprehensive tutorial to show the top WordPress SEO tips that help increase search engine rankings. In fact, besides this, using the best WordPress SEO plugins is one of the easiest ways to make your site more search engine friendly. Remember to select the items that allow you to get more traffic easily and quickly.

Using WordPress Mobile Plugins to Make Site Mobile-Friendly

use WordPress mobile pluginsNowadays, more and more people are browsing webpages using their smartphones, because it is easy and convenient, which helps increase the site popularity. However, if your site is not mobile-friendly, it looks terrible on phone and seems unprofessional. Therefore, you need to find some ways to make your site look great on phone.

To be honest, it is very easy to make your site mobile-friendly. Using the best WordPress mobile plugins is one of the most effective methods to make your site mobile-friendly without changing its look on desktops and tablets. Remember to choose the plugins work well with all WordPress themes and require no coding knowledge.

Using Sitemap WordPress Plugins to Improve Visibility

Besides security, speed, SEO, visibility is an important element of a WordPress site. However, it is not easy to increase site visibility. There are many easy and useful methods to improve a WordPress site visibility, like using the best keyword tools to choose the right keywords to improve site SEO. However, the easiest way to do this is to use the best sitemap WordPress plugins.

We suggest you to choose the easy-to-use and reliable sitemap plugins that are able to display all your posts, images, videos and links in one page in HTML/XML format, making search engines know the main information of your site only by viewing the sitemap. In this way, visitors are able to see the whole structure and all contents of your site without clicking too much, making your site more visible.