CloudFlare CDN vs MaxCDN - Which is the Best in 2020?

MaxCDN VS CloudFlare CDN – Which Should Be the Choice

Choosing the right CDN service is extremely important to boost your website’s performance. If you want to speed up your blog, then you must have used techniques like optimizing images, getting rid of non-essential scripts and plugins, minimizing JavaScript and CSS. But the best way to speed up your blog is by exploiting the advantage of Content Delivery Network.

MaxCDN and CloudFlare are two most famous and widely used CDN services used by a lot of webmasters. They are quality content delivery networks that are used for several content management systems like Joomla, WordPress, VBulletin and many more. Our main focus in this article is to compare the differences between MaxCDN and ClourFlare CDN, and help readers choose the better CDN service for their purpose.

Price and Features

While selecting the best CDN service, pricing is always a top concern. People all want service that is the best and reasonable. For budget conscious webmasters, CloudFlare is the best as it provides services for free. Without shedding any money, customers can get access to the free services of CloudFlare that has some great features like fast site performance, enhanced level of security protection and a strong statistics about your visitors.

If you require a premium service, then you can opt for CloudFlare Pro that is for $20 per mo for the first website, and $5 per mo for subsequent ones, Business costing $200/ mo for every website and enterprise starting with plans of $3000/ mo.

PriceAlthough MaxCDN has no free package, it is also reasonable. It has 4 plans starting with the highest package of $499 per month. Moreover, if customers at once pay for the yearly billing cycle, then they can get the services for free for the first 2 months. MaxCDN provides 30 days money back guarantee for its services, ensuring the best services. The purchases can be fully worry free.


MaxCDN is designed to enhance the security of the websites. It has a great feature that ensures the minimal unauthorized access to your websites content, along with the authorized access tokens, time limited links for digital items and an encryption standard that is NIST certified. You can even incorporate an SSL certificate in just minutes without affecting the site speed.

CloudFlare is more customized and uses a cloud based WAF to stop many of the nasty attacks in the form of comment spam and SQL injection from affecting your site. Besides these, you can also exploit the SSL encryption to enhance the security of the entire site and to block visitors on the basis of IP address and country.


PerformanceMaxCDN has released four products, among which EdgeSSL majorly contributes to fast speed. This service utilizes a network that is globally distributed and is backed by around 20 data centers. MaxCDN delivers a quick response time in about 39ms.

CloudFlare is a self-built hardware presented in 26 data centres, ensuring a fast speed by gaining access to static content, no matter where your visitors are. Estimations prove that your site can load twice as fast. The response time of the service given by CloudFlare is estimated to be less than 30ms.

Technical Support

MaxCDN offers the 24/7 on-site support. You can get assistance from engineers in three ways – email tickets, phone and live chat. You can even seek solutions from user forum and knowledge base.

CloudFlare lags much behind in terms of technical support. It only offers support via email users without any phone or live chat facility. But it has a big community and blog site that consist of solutions to most of the issues and problems.


Both the two CDNs are great in terms of security and speed acceleration. However, if you want to incorporate premium CDN on multiple websites, then MaxCDN is a cost effective choice. If you require a faster speed with a reduced cost, then the free services from CloudFlare is great.

MaxCDN offers much more advanced services that can cost up to some amount. Therefore, MaxCDN is ideal for those people who have enough budgets and need advanced services whereas CloudFlare CDN services is suitable for those with limited budgets and want to enjoy CDN services for free.

If you want to claim the free CloudFlare CDN services integrated with web hosting packages, then the following web hosts can be good choices.