2020 Web Hosting Deals & Promotion For Columbus Day

Web Hosting Deals & Promotion For Columbus Day 2020

Looking for the best web hosting deal & promotion for Columbus Day 2020? Here are 3 offers with up to 44% discount for Linux web hosting, ASP.NET web hosting and VPS hosting packages, saving up to $120 for an order.

From Oct 1, BlueHost, Arvixe and InMotion started their promotions for Columbus Day, 2020. BlueHost re-launched the 44% BlueHost promotion for its web hosting package at $3.95/mo; Arvixe provided a 30% Arvixe coupon for its developer-friendly package at $3.5/mo; and InMotion offered an additional 25% discount for its award-winning best VPS plans at $29.95/mo.

BlueHost Linux Hosting

BlueHostBlueHost 44% Off Unlimited Hosting – $3.95/mo
BlueHost promoted 50% off the BlueHost Professional Package for all clients. The BlueHost Professional Package includes a domain name, $100-value Google AdWords credits and a professional site builder, and allows to host unlimited sites on one account with unlimited monthly data transfer and disk storage.

BlueHost (http://www.bluehost.com/), one of the largest hosting providers, offered a shared web hosting package for 17 years, today is serving for 2,000,000+ users worldwide. BlueHost has customized Linux OS for shared web hosting friendly, and builds up 3 world-class data centers, and has employed 500+ technical experts to provide 24×7 technical support with guarantee that within 30 seconds, their customers are assured get a solution.

BlueHost has awarded as the best WordPress hosting by WordPress.org and the best Drupal hosting by Drupal.org, besides the terrific reputation among its huge customer base and the high recommendation at HostingReview360.com. To learn more about BlueHost, read BlueHost review >>

Arvixe ASP.NET Hosting

BlueHostArvixe 30% Off – $3.5/mo
Arvixe has been a well-known fast growing budget web hosting provider in US since 2006. The Arvixe ASP.NET hosting package has been awarded as the best ASP.NET hosting service at HostingReview360.com, and has been topping the list of almost all the web hosting review & rating websites nowadays.

The Arvixe personal-class package is starting at $5/mo, and Arvixe offered a powerful coupon code BWH360 for the Columbus Day 2012 for $3.5/mo, about 30% off the regular price. The package includes a free domain name, supports to park 6 external domains and allows to host unlimited websites on 1 account. Arvixe is a developer-friendly provider that its packages support Microsoft technologies including .NET Framework 4.5, ASP.NET MVC 4, Silverlight 5, MSSQL 2008R2 (with remote management capability), Full Trust and dedicated IIS application pool based on Windows 2008R2 platform.

To learn more, visit http://www.arvixe.com/asp_net_web_hosting >>

InMotion VPS

InMotion VPSInMotion 25% Off VPS Hosting – $19.95/mo
InMotion has been a professional business web hosting provider since 2001, well-known for its high scalable, fast and reliable hosting solutions in the industry. InMotion VPS is one of the best VPS plans in quality over the Internet. Available from $39.95/mo regularly, the service is $19.95/mo for the first month and $29.95/mo for the continued months with a 30% discount.

The high-performance InMotion VPS is built on latest technology, providing quick server upgrade and uptime monitoring services, by leveraging the 2 InMotion world-class dedicated data centers in the both East Coast and West Coast. Compared to many cheap VPS plans offering the barebone VPS instances, InMotion VPS provides 1.5GHZ CPU computing capacity, 1.5GB memory, 40GB disk space, 750GB monthly data transfer, 2 dedicated IP addresses, free daily backup ($5/mo charged elsewhere), and the powerful & easy-to-use control panel cPanel ($425/year value).

To learn more, visit http://www.inmotionhosting.com/vps_hosting.html