BlueHost ASP.NET Hosting or Windows Hosting?

BlueHost ASP.NET Hosting or Windows Hosting?

BlueHost is a well-known Linux-based shared web hosting company, there is no BlueHost ASP.NET web hosing plan unfortunately, although there are some rumors that BlueHost will have or have had this offer with more and more people looking for trusted ASP.NET web hosting services.

As the interview with the BlueHost marketing director, they have no plan for ASP.NET web hosting. BlueHost has offered a single all-in-one Linux-based shared web hosting plan since 1996, and it’s the only shared web hosting company that customized Linux kernel for more reliable hosting service than their competitors. Their brilliant industry reputation actually comes from their rock-solid Linux-based hosting experience, knowledge and technology. But, unfortunately, BlueHost is not so sophisticated, even blank for ASP.NET web hosting service.

In fact, it’s a huge investment for BlueHost to launch ASP.NET hosting service. Compared to other small web hosting companies, BlueHost is mature and reputed, now serving for over 2 million customers. It’s quite risky for them offering a complete new service, because the unstable service due to the lack of experience may break their reputation in the community. Instead, as introduced, it’s higher possibility that BlueHost will inquire an ASP.NET web hosting company for ASP.NET web hosting service in the future, but now there is no schedule.

Choose BlueHost For PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python Sites

Web hosting is not the desktop OS. Whichever you choose Windows or Linux web hosting service, they both provide a web-based control panel for you to manage your domains, files, websites, email, FTP services, etc. In fact, Linux web hosting is more cost effective and much more mature than Windows web hosting as it’s developed for 20+ years so far.

Remember, the only motivation to choose a Windows web hosting service is for hosting the sites developed by Microsoft technology that cannot be running over the Linux platform.

If you’re just looking for a Windows web hosting service to host your websites developed based on PHP, Ruby on Rails or Python technology because you’re using Windows OS on your PC or laptop, we recommend you choosing BlueHost Linux web hosting service instead. Especially, now BlueHost is offering a compelling 44% discount for $3.95/mo for all visitors going through this promotional link.


Recommended ASP.NET Hosting Service

We recommend you going with Arvixe for personal and small businesses. Arvixe (, has been a reliable provider of first-rate ASP.NET hosting.

Arvixe ASP.NET hosting provides 1 free domain name and allows to host up to 6 domains and unlimited ASP.NET websites on 1 account. They support almost all the latest cutting-edge technology including IIS 7.5 with Full Trust Level, .NET Framework 1.1/2.0/3.5SP1/4, ASP.NET MVC 1/2/3, Silverlight 4/5, MSSQL 2008R2, etc. Arvixe ASP.NET hosting is starting at $5/mo regularly, but now they’re offering an additional 30% discount for starting at $3.5/mo for all consumers applying the coupon code BWH360 in the checkout.

Our sister web hosting review site, BestHostingSearch.NET, so far has received 69 Arvixe reviews from the verified customers. The statistics reflect that the cmpany has a 98.1% satisfaction rate. Choosing Arvixe for ASP.NET hosting won’t be wrong!