InMotion VPS Hosting Review 2020 - Price & Features

How About InMotion VPS Hosting? InMotion VPS Review 2020

InMotion VPS delivers high performance and 1-stop website hosting solution including all the features and optimized environment required by the small and medium sized businesses. It is the best cost effective VPS hosting provider of all the famous VPS providers which we have reviewed by now, although it looks expensive on the listing price.

InMotion VPS has been trusted for more than 10 years. Although it seems a little bit expensive compared to some cheap VPS hosting plans, you must acknowledge that InMotion VPS hosting is designed for businesses looking for a reliable and high performance website hosting solution.

InMotion VPS Review > Reasonable Price

InMotion Hosting provides 3 plans (VPS 1000, VPS 2000 and VPS 3000) which are originally priced at $39.99/mo, $74.99/mo and $149/mo respectively. However, anyone going through this promotional link will enjoy a promotion of 25% discount, so the services are offered at the effective prices of $29.99/mo, $49.99/mo and $74.99/mo. Besides, all the 3 InMotion VPS plans include the compelling extra benefit – up to $100 Google ads credits, $75 Bing/Yahoo search credits, $75 Amazon product ads and free YP business listing.

With the 3 InMotion VPS hosting plans, you can choose the most fitting one based on the requirements at this moment, then feel free to upgrade or downgrade the subscription according to the change of your business. Our editors recommend you going with the InMotion VPS 1000 first. With the expansion of business, you can upgrade to the second level – this is the best way for you to save money and control the risk.

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Rich Features

The high quality of the 3 InMotion VPS plans is unquestionable. The most economical VPS 1000 offers you 512MB RAM plus with 1GB burstable RAM, 40 GB disk storage, 750GB monthly data transfer, 2 IP addresses and free backups for every 24-36 hours that it can meet the websites with up to 5000 unique visits daily. Compared, the InMotion VPS 2000 and 3000 offer more memory, disk space, bandwidth, and IP addresses.

In most cases of VPS hosting, if the usage is beyond the dedicated memory, the website may be suffered from slowness or downtime. However, this is actually true for InMotion VPS. InMotion provides the burstable RAM which allows you to use much more resources than your dedicated memory on a temporary basis to protect you at the peak traffic.

Furthermore, every InMotion VPS Hosting plan includes a full license to the easy-to-use cPanel control panel which values $425/year. Ordinarily, it is charged with an additional $10/mo by most other VPS hosting providers, such as GoDaddy, Spry and VPS Land.

InMotion VPS Review > Community Reputation

InMotion hosting is well-known in the small business hosting industry for the website hosting speed, reliability, security and customer service. So far we have received 913 InMotion customer reviews since 2006, the 99.1% of InMotion customers voted positively to the overall service, as the following review statistics chart,

Outstanding Performance

In the process of VPS selection, reliability is the main concern. The performance of InMotion VPS has been proved by its more than 10 years’ excellent reputation in the industry. InMotion VPS Hosting plans provide customers with a rock-solid hosting environment by leverage the high performance Dell servers with a promised hosting uptime to 99.9%.

Besides, InMotion adopts some other special features to improve its web hosting stability and security, such as system level performance monitoring, network security support, custom advanced policy firewall, rebootless kernel updates and automatic backups every 24-36 hours.

InMotion VPS Review > World-class Customer Support

If you have run into any questions about InMotion VPS, you can get in touch with its support staff through toll-free telephone, email and extensive Knowledge support system. InMotion guarantees 24x7x365 100% US based in-house support to offer satisfactory technical solutions.

The advanced support team consisting of highly experienced staff is well prepared to provide complete assistance. Services, like security check, failover support systems and disaster recovery planning, are quite popular among VPS customers. Moreover, the requests for support must gain response no longer than 30 minutes during operating hours of 9:00am – 9:00pm EST, from Monday to Friday.

Why Choose InMotion VPS Hosting Plans?

Due to the best cost effective prices, rich features, high performance and outstanding customer services, InMotion VPS has been popular in virtual private server industry for many years. If you are running or going to run a small or medium sized business, InMotion VPS hosting plans will be what you need most to optimize the performance of your websites. With guaranteed uptime and the useful backups, you are able to be free from worrying about the security. Also, extra IP addresses must be necessary for those who would like to give an expansion to their businesses. Besides, with 90 days money back guarantee, InMotion will make sure that your cooperation with it is risk-free.

Based on the personal experience of our editors and many other reviews, InMotion VPS hosting is worthy of highly recommendadion.

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