Top Tips on How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Businesses?

Top Tips on How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Businesses?

In this tutorial, altogether, we introduce 8 practical and effective tips on how to market your businesses by applying Twitter serving as online social networking and microblogging platform, Twitter is broadly utilized to promote blogs as well as businesses.

Twitter, as social networking service, enables its users to both read and sent text messages within 140 characters. With its sweeping around the world, by the September of 2013, the official data manifested that it had owned 200 million users who sent more than 400 million tweets every day. Now, it is high time join this trend. So, how can you market your businesses by using Twitter? Looking for the answer, please check the following tips.

Tip 1 > Create Distinctive Brands.

Exactly, it is your Twitter account and profile that lay a solid foundation for successful interpretation of your businesses through telling your story to the Twitter community. Importantly, it should be prioritized to create an account name and images that are consistent with your own brand, as well as other online presences of your businesses, making contributions to help people recognize your businesses.

To be exact, your account username shows itself in all of your tweets with which you are capable of enlarging popularity by appearing with a unique identity. Hence, make a username that impresses people to the utmost and is easy to be found. Then, set up your account with a name that is easy to spell and remembered, most importantly, matches to your businesses.

Tip 2 > Utilize Professional and Attractive Profile Images.

Another part keeps appearing next to every tweet you send is your Twitter profile image which is a square photo, which can be uploaded under “Profile” in your account settings. Therefore, it is commendable to adopt the characteristic logo of your company while your headshot is also ok.

Furthermore, as a large background photo, the header of your Twitter profile contributes to the promoting and marketing of your businesses to a great extent. Also, the background can be customized to exhibit specific brands.

twitter profile image

Tip 3 > Come out a Strategy for Twitter Marketing.

Make clear how you can maximize the using of Twitter for the promotion of your businesses by drawing up plans for pivotal aspects including the type of posted content, promotions both online and offline, posting frequency, and landing page and so forth.

Advisably, some successful examples include regular posts of special offers, encouragement of interaction, and offer of helpful answers to people asking questions on Twitter to build relationships with audiences.

Tip 4 > Begin Following People on Twitter.

First of all, it is recommended to be selective about whom you are to follow after which you subscribe to read what are shared by them. For businesses, the categories of people followed include partners, contractors, suppliers in businesses, customers, as well as professional organizations for your industry, businesses in your neighborhood and so on.

After paying close attention, you are bound to find that some of those people also start following you. Hence, never mind that you do not know them at the beginning.

Tip 5 > Share Photographs and Videos Instead of Pure Text Alone.

promoting business on twitter using videosIt is human nature to prefer photos and videos rather than boring and attention-demanding text. As for photographs, what is profitable is to share them, which are both ok from desktops and mobile phones. It is worth noting that Twitter automatically adds the photos you have shared to a photo gallery among which the first six ones show themselves on the page of your profile, which can be made full advantage to display your businesses.

With regard to videos, they cannot be added to Twitter directly. Firstly, they should be uploaded to another kind of services such as Youtube and Vimeo, then have their links copied and pasted to websites. Only with this process completed can you link them to your tweets. The importance is true of promoting businesses in WordPress websites to enrich the content. If you are mean to do this, then the post of how to embed videos in WordPress website shall be helpful.

Tip 6 > Extend Your Audiences Using Hashtags.

Do not be confined to the existing audiences, but keep looking for new ideas via expanding them using hashtags that refers to a common topic. To be vivid, taking NCAA as an example, it is the hashtag of the US college sports association. So, when you spot a tweet with a specific hashtag, it is wise to click it to view tweets from people you do not know. Also, it is efficient to resort to the creation of hashtags that are unique for your businesses helping people locate your companies and conversations.

Tip 7 > Get Your Twitter Mobile

twitter in mobilesWith progress and improvement made, at present, Twitter has already released a number of applications for widely used devices including Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows phone, iOS and so on. Hence, Twitter mobile websites and applications make it easy to send and receive tweets.

In addition, Twitter enables you to set up push notifications to your smartphones with which you are capable of getting informed when people retweet your tweets, people mention you, somebody sends a message to you or when you get a new follower. Therefore, keeping a responsive reply to cement relationship is simple.

Tip 8 > Promoting the Address of Your Twitter.

As much as possible, we recommend promoting the address of your Twitter in your Facebook page, official websites of your companies or email signature. This helps people who do not know your Twitter address to notice you and be your followers. Meanwhile, having posts in the blog of your websites published in your Twitter also plays a significant role in boosting traffic.