What is Bluehost WordPress Hosting?

BlueHost WordPress Hosting Review

Is BlueHost fast, reliable and secure for hosting WordPress? Exactly, based on the BlueHost WordPress hosting review from our editors’ real WordPress hosting experience, BlueHost is one of the best shared web hosting for its usability, cost-effectiveness, high level of reliability, etc.

BlueHost is strongly recommended shared web host for personal and small businesses, but not only for hosting WordPress sites. It’s the best Linux-based shared web hosting provider of all shared web hosts indeed that we had reviewed since 2009.

Who Is BlueHost?

BlueHost was founded in 1996, designed for small business, is one of the largest web hosting companies over the Internet. BlueHost is the only shared web hosting company that has rich technical knowledge and experience. They developed SimpleScripts by themselves for 1-Click WordPress installation in 2006 and was the first web host 100% compatible with WordPress. Even BlueHost customized Linux kernel for segregating CPU, memory and disk I/O for the better shared web hosting performance, reliability and security rather than its competitors.

In 2010, BlueHost invested 8.5 million USD to build their first dedicated data center in Provo, Utah. So far, they have 3 dedicated data centers that had invested 20+ million USD. BlueHost is the first and only shared web hosting company that has their own dedicated data centers. With 500+ staffs and thousands of servers, BlueHost is serving for millions of customers worldwide.

BlueHost WordPress hosting has a terrific reputation in the communities. As the 671 verified BlueHost WordPress hosting reviews received at our sister site BestHostingSearch.NET, BlueHost WordPress hosting service has won 99.6% customer satisfaction rate as the following BlueHost review statistics chart.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting Price

Another important factor is the hosting price. Compared to other web hosts, BlueHost has three WordPress web hosting packages (Starter, Plus, Business Pro), starting at $5.99/mo regularly. And now, this company is making a special up to 60% discount for all people going through this promotional link. And then, the price is down to $3.49/mo.

Pricing Details
  • 12 months plan
  • 24 months plan
  • 36 months plan

Payment Method
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal

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BlueHost WordPress Compatibility

Before choosing a WordPress hosting, there is an important thing you must pay attention -WordPress Compatibility. BlueHost offers a 100% WordPress compatible hosting service which far exceeds the minimum technical requirements of WordPress with:

  • The latest versions of Apache, MySQL, and PHP
  • 256MB PHP memory_limit.
  • PHP run as suPHP for higher level of security
  • cPanel & SimpleScripts to make WordPress sites setup much easier.
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

All of those advantages make BlueHost support your website as well as possible.

WordPress Hosting Features

Besides cPanel and Fantastico used by most of other web hosts, BlueHost provides their own SimpleScripts that allows you to 1-Click install WordPress in only a few seconds. By partnered with many WordPress community sites, BlueHost offers 1000+ WordPress themes, widgets and plugins for free and also allows 1-Click activation.

The main features included with BlueHost WordPress hosting:

  • Unlimited disk space, bandwidth and GB file transfer.
  • Free domain for life & unlimited blogs hosted on 1 account.
  • CPU throttling technology for segregating CPU, memory and disk I/O.
  • PostgreSQL, FastCGI, Secure (SSH) Access.
  • 99.9% uptime & WordPress loading times that average less than 2 seconds.
  • 100% US-based technical support with holding times that average less than 30 seconds.

WordPress Installation at BlueHost

bluehost wordpress installationBlueHost has spent a large sum of money to develop a user-friendly 1-click installer called SimpleScripts. By using this software, you can avoid lots of complex steps when installing the WordPress manually, such as creating databases and transferring files via FTP. Check the detailed steps in the following.

  • Go to BlueHost official site, and then click the “Control Panel Login” button in the top, right corner of the homepage. Input your domain ID and password and click “Login”.
  • Go down to the “Website Builders” directory, and then give a click on the “SimpleScripts” icon.
  • Click the green “Install” button. Choose the domain where you would like to click “Install” and then install WordPress. Wait for SimpleScripts to tell you the installation is complete. Take note of your the user ID and password of WordPress.
  • Navigate the control panel of WordPress and using your temporary name and password to log in(that is not the same as your BlueHost account name and password). Start to build your WordPress site.

WordPress Hosting Reliability

As our survey, no customer is patient for 3 down times in a month. If that happens, 85% of the customers will choose to move to another web hosts. The reliability is the most important factor to an online business, especially for who are using Pay-Per-Click advertising system like Google AdWords or Facebook AD. You can simply think in this way. If BlueHost is not reliable, they couldn’t keep up to 2 million existing customers. By the estimation, they will have 3 million customers in 2015.

In fact, BlueHost guarantees 99.9% web hosting uptime in the real world. In the past 16 years, they had committed their guarantee consistently by leveraging their facilities, knowledge and experience. In April and May 2012, we set up a website uptime monitor for a testing WordPress site hosted with BlueHost, and got the site uptime data as the following statistics chart.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting Speed

speedBy leveraging their dedicated data centers and rock-solid web hosting knowledge and experience, BlueHost is one of the fastest WordPress web hosting. Their data centers were developed with the 4 separate physical fibre lines brought directly into building through 2 diverse entrances with access to all major IP/transit providers with the bandwidth capacity exceeding 7,500MBits, and all their servers are built with 24x AMD Opteron CPUs, 64GB memory and RAID 10 SATA3 disks.

Our editors tracked WordPress site loading speed with almost all the shared web hosts that we had reviewed so far. Actually, BlueHost is the fastest WordPress hosting provider of all that pricing under $10/month. For a better reference, we listed the performance comparison among BlueHost, HostGator and GoDaddy that all of these 3 web hosts are historical and well-known in the industry.

As a same WordPress site with the same WordPress scripts and the same content hosted with BlueHost, HostGator and GoDaddy, the WordPress site hosted with BlueHost is approximately 90% faster than HostGator, and 145% faster than GoDaddy. Read the statistics of WordPress loading speed comparison as below.

Technical Support

BlueHost has more than 500 staffs located in their Provo Utah office, serving for 2 million customers worldwide. They have devoted into the shared web hosting business for 16 years so far. They know what a customer’s expectation and how to serve customers in a good manner.

BlueHost provides 24×7 100% US-based technical support through toll-free telephone, live chat, email and ticket system. With hold times that average less than 30 seconds and 100% on-site staffs, you can be assured that the staff helping you knows how to help and has been well-trained for WordPress site support.


BlueHost is a good option for building a WordPress blog because of its WordPress compatibility, cheap price, rich features, outstanding support, fast speed, good uptime record and easy WordPress installation. If you sign up right now, you can get the best discount almost a considerable discount off the original price with by clicking the given promotional link mentioned above.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting