Does Bluehost Web Hosting is a Scam or Not?

BlueHost SCAM? Read Real BlueHost Customers’ Votes

BlueHost SCAM? Up to now we have received 236 verified BlueHost customer reviews and 99.6% are satisfied with the BlueHost overall hosting service. BlueHost is the highest customer satisfied web hosting company of all which we have reviewed since 2006. So, BlueHost is definitely not a SCAM, but a trust-worth budget web hosting provider.

Generally, the BlueHost review statistics show the following satisfaction rates.

  • 99.6% for the overall hosting service.
  • 99.6% for web hosting speed & uptime.
  • 98.7% for the control panel.
  • 98.3% for the customer service.

BlueHost, a large web hosting provider, has devoted into offering a single all-in-one UNLIMITED web hosting plan since 1996. Now BlueHost has 3 dedicated data centers in Provo Utah with 500+ FULL-TIME employees and 7500+ web servers serving for 3 millions of customers worldwide. BlueHost is still fast growing with approximately 25,000 new customers for every month.

However, no service can make all businesses pleased. There are also a few BlueHost user compaints in the web hosting communities about the BlueHost CPU throttling mainly. The BlueHost CPU throttling is designed to offer guaranteed CPU resources for users – efficiently addressed the main concern of shared web hosting service – “inconsistent reliability and speed”.

Is Bluehost Legit or Scam?

BlueHost is NOT scam. You can read our indepth BlueHost review, or visit to purchase a hosting plan and try by yourself. With BlueHost ANYTIME money back guarantee, your purchase is 100% risk-free and worry-free.