Top 8 Blogs for Writers and Bloggers to Learn Writing Tips & Skills

Best Blogs for Writers and Bloggers to Learn Writing Tips & Skills

Just as an athlete needs to work out every day to keep in shape and maintain their stamina, writers also need to hone their skills. Writers and bloggers need to know what type of writing can work the best to engage the reader. Should they be funny, sarcastic, edgy or plain and simple? What can work best in a given situation?

Below is a list of 8 of the best blogs for writers and bloggers to learn writing tips and skills. They contain a rich variety of articles and samples to help you learn the art of writing a blog or just plain writing. Honing your writing skills is important so you can write appropriately. You can be as descriptive as you want while discussing the movie, but you cannot loiter around if you’re trying to make a sale of a product.

Goins, Writer

This blog has been created by Jeff Goins, and is updated at least twice a week with new posts. This blog is for budding writers and answering questions like how to make a living as a writer or how to get published. This blog facilitates you with a free email newsletter on subscription that keeps you updated on the various writing practices. One of the most popular articles on the blog, Clutter is Killing Your Creativity, discusses how to deal with a mess around you that distracts your mind from focusing on your writing. It also suggests a list of blogging tools and books on writing good for you.

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Best Blogs for Writers - Goins Writer

The Write Practice

This website suggests that to start writing the correct words that can really make an impact, you need to practice writing. Only then you can reach that level of perfection. It offers tutorials helping you practice your writing by imitating the writing of great authors like Hemmingway. Eventually, in this process, you can discover your own style and grow into it. You can post your writing on the website, and receive as well as give feedback on posts. If you subscribe for email updates from the website, you can receive an eBook called “14 Prompts”. It contains lessons that teach you techniques to improve your writing skills.

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Best Blogs for Writers - The Write Practice

Make A Living Writing

It is a blog created by one Carol Tice from Seattle. It suggests ways that help writers sell their work and earn more money. Freelance writers can subscribe to the blog to receive free writing tips. You can also post any questions that you might have on the writers’ community forum any time of the day. There are four eBooks on sale here to help you in your mission. It also offers one-on-one mentoring program for serious writers so they can get published successfully.

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Best Blogs for Writers - Make A Living Writing

A Writer’s Bucket List

If you are a writer and don’t know what to write and which path to take, like fiction or non-fiction, then this is a very helpful blog for you. Once you subscribe, you can receive a free copy of the guide – “Turn Your Tagline Into A Manifesto”. It is a great place to connect with other writers and share ideas as well as learn from them. It has been created by Dana Sitar with the tagline of “Stop Dreaming. Start Writing”. The online book store offers books on a pay-what-you-want basis.

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Best Blogs for Writers - A Writer's Bucket List

The Creative Penn

This site has a vast collection of resources to help write your book, getting it published and marketed to the readers. The author of this blog, Joanna Penn, is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. The Podcast section offers a wide range of interviews designed to help you in your writing. It answers common questions posed by writers like how to sell more books and how to write and edit a book. To keep up-to-date on the happenings on the blog, you can subscribe to it free of cost. If you prefer listening to audio, then you can subscribe to the podcasts.

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Best Blogs for Writers - The Creative Penn

Helping Writers Become Authors

This blog, created by K.M. Weiland who is a writer of historic and speculative fiction, offers mentoring for budding writers. The posts on the blog give you answers on where to start, how to write, what to write and any other difficulties you might face pursuing you dream of becoming an author. It also recommends a list of books that writers can read to improve their writing. It explains how you can visually structure your novel to create and write a better story.

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Best Blogs for Writers - Helping Writers Become Authors

Writer Unboxed

This website begins as collaboration between two aspiring writers Theresh Walsh and Kathleen Bolton. They read through books and have posted discussions on why those books are so popular that can pick reader’s attention. Now, it has grown to an association of more than 5000 writers. You can discuss writings, get different writing practices and also learn from each other. You can also join the Writer Unboxed conferences to learn more about good writing practices and improve your writing skills.

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Best Blogs for Writers - Writer Unboxed

The Write Life

This site offers advice and tips on getting published and on making a living as a writer. You can subscribe to the site to get a free eBook titled “How To Land Your First Client” and some writing tips. There are articles on freelancing, overcoming the fear of failure and strategies, along with the suggestions helping you earn more money while being a writer. It also mentions a list of sites that freelancers can use, along with various approaches that are useful in marketing your book.

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Best Blogs for Writers - The Write Life