Why a Personal Blog is Important for a College Graduate?

Why a Personal Blog is Important for a College Graduate?

Personal blog is a discussion or informational platform published online, which allows bloggers to post some articles and blog visitors to leave comments. Many people have their own personal blog to describe their daily activities, show their happiness or sadness, build social relations with other people, or even sell some goods or services to earn a living.

In fact, setting up a personal blog is necessary for everyone in this digital world, especially for college graduates. This article is mainly about the benefits of personal blogs for college graduates.

Personal Blog is Helpful for Job-Hunting

Hunting for a job can be the top issue for the majority of college graduates, but to be honest, this can be a tough task as the number of graduates has increased dramatically in recent years, thus the competition between job seekers has become more and more fierce. So, how to become competitive and set yourself apart from the crowd? The answer is setting up a positive personal blog to build a good online reputation.

An informative and well-designed blog can make HR managers know your character, because you are not able to show all your personality through your resume but ca do it in your personal blog. Besides, if your blog is relevant to the career field that you are looking for, then the employers are more likely to give you a chance for interview.

Starting a Self-Employed Career with Personal Blog

The employment market is an incredibly scary place for college graduates, so some of them may decide to start their own business. At this time, a personal blog is indeed helpful. You can promote your products via blog by posting the pictures, links, as well as customers’ reviews. And once your blog content is attractive to your customers, then they may go to your online store and make a purchase.

If you do not have the physical products, it’s fine! You can sell the knowledge you have learned during your college life. For example, if you are majoring in computer science and have a deep knowledge on website SEO, then you can earn money by putting some paid posting about the related techniques, or selling the SEO service to your readers.

Personal Blog Can Build Credibility and Reputation

College graduates need the personal blog for it can build credibility and reputation – the fundamental ingredient of personal branding. You can openly state your expertise on your blog, telling your readers what you are good at, and what you can do better than anyone else. You can do this by posting highly specialized articles constantly, and answer questions raised by your readers in the comment section. Once the readers have created a mental link between a certain niche and your blog, then you succeed in building credibility and reputation online.

Personal Blog Can Build Public Relations

Obviously, personal blog is a great way for college graduated to build more public relations. To make your blog become popular, one of the most important steps is to interact with your readers, after all, they are your loyal audience, and they are consuming your products. Once you keep your blog open to comments, and answer as many comments as you can, then you are able to keep communication flowing between you and your visitors, and build a solid relation with them.

Besides, with a personal blog, you can also interact with your peers. They are bloggers who are doing exactly what you are doing, and performing on the same field as you are. Note that the easiest way for you to improve either your own experts or your blog branding skills is to constantly discuss with and learn from your peers.


There is no doubt that setting up a personal blog is important for a college graduate, as this practice is helpful for job hunting, self-employed career starting, as well as reputation and public relations building.

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