10 Best WordPress Slider Plugins 2020 with Awesome Features

Top 10 WordPress Slider Plugins with Awesome Features

WordPress has created a revolution in the industry of web design. Because of its wonderful plugins and features, a huge numbers of people are getting connected with it. Among most of the plugins WordPress offers, slider plugin is the most popular one. It helps in creating fast and easy slideshow sessions for your website or blog.

Sliders are always regarded as the perfect tool that very well highlights the best content, helps in showing off videos and pictures and also contributes in publicizing crucial news regarding the site.

Since past few years, these sliders have occupied a special and integral position in most of the premium or WordPress add-ons and plugins. Here are top 10 WordPress slider plugin with the awesome features for you.

Huge IT Slider

Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/slider-image/

This slider plugin is fully feature loaded. It provides limitless image accommodations on the slider, adds possibilities to use and adds more pages to the slider. Titles and descriptions that include hyperlink are also entertained by this WordPress slider plugin. This allows you to have the HTML support and drag and drop facility. You can really get astonished by its smart target features that provide you with some inner links for opening multiple pages.f=

WordPress Slider Plugin - Huge IT Slider

Smooth Slider

Website: http://slidervilla.com/smooth-slider/

Along with its highly responsive design, it allows to use the six transition effects and custom slider. It offers you a search engine optimized slideshow in order to provide you a good visibility for your clients. Its setting panel can facilitate the full control overview. For operating this slider plugin, there is no need of having pre-knowledge of HTML or any other coding language. The admin panel of this plugin can also offer you the slide preview.

WordPress Slider Plugin - Smooth Slider

Meta Slider

Website: http://www.metaslider.com/

It has a simple and user friendly interface that is considered as the most appropriate one for the individual developers, users and clients. Some of the mesmerizing features of this WordPress plugin are the SEO optimized slideshow facility, restriction free support for the slides containing images, admin preview, super intelligent image cropping system, built-in shortcodes and widgets and multiple site compatibility, etc.

WordPress Slider Plugin - Meta Slider


Website: http://wowslider.com/

Wow slider plugin provides a stunning visual effect and millions of templates that are made by the trained professionals. It can be considered as a powerful pack along with the superb point and click wizard for creating some fantastic image sliders without dealing with the confusing codes and editors. It’s quite responsive and provides touch swipe support to all the devices, browsers and search engines.

WordPress Slider Plugin - WOW

Smart Slider 2

Website: http://www.nextendweb.com/smart-slider/

This option provides an easy to use administration page in addition to a line preview attribute. It is completely integrated with the WordPress and has the facility of multilevel animation system for making your blog or slider more attractive and interesting to the viewers. Apart from being 100% responsive, it also possesses a good control over the design in terms of customizability and visual related alterations.

WordPress Slider Plugin - Smart Slider 2

Cyclone Slider 2

Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/cyclone-slider-2/

This WordPress slider plugin is absolutely free. But that doesn’t mean any kind of compromise with the quality of features it offers. This slider plugin is 100% responsive along with the SEO optimized slideshow facility. It’s always translation ready and supports a random slider order for the slides. This is a perfect combo of limitless slider options with a superb customizability.

WordPress Slider Plugin - Cyclone Slider 2

Master Slider

Website: http://www.masterslider.com/

As its name depicts, it’s the master of all the WordPress slider plugins. It offers the following facilities including the extremely user friendly administration panel, smart auto crop, fully customization, SEO friendly access, loop sliding , auto play, always translation ready, highly flexibility and many more. Apart from these, the features that make it unique are auto play system, advanced import and export tools, extensive developer API and built-in cache boosting.

WordPress Slider Plugin - Master Slider

Oik Nivo Slider

Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/oik-nivo-slider/

All the features of this specialized WordPress slider plugin are just minded for blogging. It allows the display of attached images along with their related content, caption associated slideshows, link associated slideshows, and slideshow with the HTML caption, etc. It also supports the display of plugin screen shots, images with the fancy boxes in order to make it look more presentable. Apart from all the above mention things, it also offers an additional responsive slider theme.

WordPress Slider Plugin - Oik Nivo Slider

Easing Slider “Lite”

Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/easing-slider/

This one is mobile friendly and fully responsive along with the SEO optimized slideshow facility. The CSS3 transition offered by these plugin provides an ultra-smooth playback with some navigation keys and paginations for addition convenience.

WordPress Slider Plugin - Easing Slider

Simple HTML Slider

Website: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-html-slider/

Apart from having all the necessary features that most of the WordPress slider plugin possess, it also supports some additions to make itself superior over other, such as the pause option on hover setting, adjustable slider direction, adjustable slider direction and many more.

WordPress Slider Plugin - Simple HTML Slider