Best WHMCS Hosting – Top Web Hosting Companies with Reliable WHMCS Hosting Service

Best WHMCS Hosting – Top Web Hosting Companies with Reliable WHMCS Hosting Service

With WHMCS growing increasingly pervasive, innumerable webmasters get perplexed in search of credible WHMCS hosting service. To help our readers spot a dependable company that offers high-quality reseller hosting service for WHMCS, we have personally tried services offered by a great range of hosts.

Eventually, we have come out the following table of top web hosting companies that make a name of themselves for providing reseller services of budget prices, awesome features, excellent uptime, fast server response time and responsive technical support.

In the following, we are to recommend 3 top WHMCS web hosting providers. Please note that we do this on the basis of our real hosting experience and hundreds of comments from verified customers.

InMotion > 50% Off

inmotionhostingThis company provides 3 upgradable plans for reseller hosting. They are R-1000, R-2000 and R-3000 whose starting price is $27.99/mo, $39.99/mo and $54.99/mo respectively. Now, all readers clicking this exclusive promotional link can purchase the packages with a 50% discount with which the price can be cut down to $13.99/mo, $19.99/mo and $27.49/mo respectively.

Offering 90 days for a full refund and anytime money back guarantee, InMotion reseller hosting service also includes the following extra bonuses.

  • Free Domain Reseller
  • Free Auto Installer
  • Free Billing Software
  • Free data backup

Featuring unlimited disk space, bandwidth, forwarders, and auto responders, these 3 packages differ in some resources including MySQL databases, websites on 1 account, parked domains and sub domains. Please refer to this review if you need to get more specific information. Furthermore, the service utilizes cPanel as the control panel and supports scripting languages including PHP, Python, Perl,m PostgreSQL and so forth.

  • SSH & Free SSD.
  • Linux CentOS
  • >PHP 5.2.17 and 5.3.10
  • MySQL 5.5.23
  • Latest version of cPanel
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BlueHost > 50% Off

bluehostThe company offers 3 reseller hosting plans as Sky Blue, Electric Blue, and True Blue. With the 50% discount through the promotional link listed as below, the price of each plan is down to $19.95/mo, $49.95/mo, and $99.95/mo respectively. The service offers wonderful using experience with anytime money back guarantee and lots of freebies shown in the following list.

  • 1 free domain name for life
  • FREE WHMCS License

BlueHost reseller hosting packages come with basic features including at least 100GB disk sapce & 15 Mbps trasfer speed, unlimited accounts, FTP accounts, Mail boxes, auto responders, MySQL 5 databases, PostgreSQL databases and so forth. In addition, it also features some advanced technologies such as SSI, CGI, SSL, etc. For more detailed information of specific versions, please check the lists in below.

  • Linux CentOS
  • PHP 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, or 5.5
  • MySQL 5.5 and PostgreSQL
  • Latest version of cPanel
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HostGator > 25% Off

hostgatorHostGator comes with packages of 5 levels for resseller hosting including Aluminum, Copper, Silver, Gold and Diamond. Usually, the price is starting at $24.95/mo, $34.95/mo, $49.95/mo, $74.95/mo and $99.95/mo respectively. Now all packages are promoted with a 25% discount. People using the coupon code BWH25Percent can enjoy the discounted price which is down to $18.71/mo.

In addition to this wonderful discount, the service offers 45 days money back guarantee and many extra freebies as following.

  • 4,500 free website templates
  • FREE Domain Reseller Account
  • 52 free scripts and free Weebly SiteBuilder building tools
  • 22+ languages available

All HostGator packages feature unlimited domains, sub domains, FTP accounts, email accounts, and MySQL databases but differ in disk space and bandwidth. Besides, the service supports some advanced technologies including CGI, SSH, PHP 5, Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rails. In terms of the installation of WHMCS, HostGator completely meets the requirements. For specific information, please refer to the following list.

  • Linux OS
  • PHP 5.3.27 and 5.4.17
  • MySQL 5.5.23
  • Latest version of cPanel
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What Is WHMCS?

whmcsWHMCS refers to an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Dealing with everything that ranges from signup to termination, it is a powerful automation & support tool.

With tremendous practicability, WHMCS is designed for any businesses demanding online billing, membership services and so forth. Besides, this tool is integrated with payment gateways, domain registrars, server provisioning APIs and fraud protection services so that it can fully automate the ordering and provisioning process.

What Are The Requirements Of The Installation?

The minimum requirements for web servers to run WHMCS are listed in below.